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Safe Communities America is an accreditation program that recognizes communities that have prioritized safety. This initiative will get your citizens involved and keep them engaged in reducing injuries and deaths. How about making your community a safer place?

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 Madison County Safe Communities America Re-accreditation Ceremony - 2016

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The promotion of community-level interventions is essential to the state’s efforts in building the local infrastructure necessary for effective injury prevention. From its creation by the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) in 2006, the Kentucky Safety and Prevention Alignment Network (KSPAN) has worked to build injury resources and best practices in the state. Madison County was designated as a Safe Community in 2010 and Murray State University became a designated Safe Community in 2012. To build on these accomplishments, KIPRC was designated as an Affiliate Safe Communities Support Center in 2012 and has partnered with the National Safety Council in the recruitment of communities for Safe Community designation.

Kentucky has one of the highest unintentional injury mortality rates in the United States. Between 2004 and 2008, the average number of injuries to Kentucky residents was approximately 8 fatalities and 68 hospitalizations per day.  To reduce these staggering numbers, our challenge is to affect injury prevention policy, both at state and local levels, and to increase Kentucky’s capacity for injury prevention.  To address this challenge, KSPAN stakeholders formally recognized that a community-level injury prevention policy strategy is essential. The policy strategy must include supporting community level interventions, and access to community level injury data and resources. The diversity of local community stakeholder engagement, including local health departments, community leaders, chambers of commerce, medical associations, citizen groups, law enforcement, education, businesses, faith-based groups, state agencies, and National Safety Council (NSC) members across Kentucky is also promoted.

The Safe Communities America (SCA) program, which is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Community Safety Promotion’s, Safe Communities model and supported in the United States by NSC, was selected as the basis for building a statewide network of community-based safety coalitions in Kentucky.

The SCA program embodies the following core beliefs:

 • Preventable injuries of all types are a public health issue

 • No one entity or institution has the ability or resources to be the sole advocate for injury prevention

 • The community as a whole is better able to address injury prevention issues than any single entity acting alone

 • By increasing awareness of partner activities, we can support each other and reduce duplication, making all of our efforts more effective.

 While Local Health Departments (LHD) may choose to assume this coordinating role at the community level, there are many candidates in the community who may fill this role with support from the LHD.

To learn more about Safe Communities contact:

Genia McKee
Kentucky Safe Communities Network
Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center
College of Public Health
University of Kentucky
333 Waller Ave, Suite 242
Lexington, Kentucky 40504

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Kentucky Safe Communities America Network

The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center was designated as an Affiliate Safe Communities Support Center on May 4, 2012, by the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Center for Community Safety Promotion. KIPRC promotes the Safe Communities model approach for the establishment and sustainability of injury prevention at the community level, encompassing both general and working populations.

With the establishment in 2012 of a collaborative agreement between the National Safety Council, KIPRC, and the University of Kentucky, College of Public Health, many Kentucky communities with high injury rates, will benefit from this approach. Our objective over the next five years is to create Safe Communities throughout the state of Kentucky to cover 50% of the population and to evaluate the effectiveness of this new recruitment approach and its impact on reducing injuries and fatalities.

As an Affiliate Safe Communities Support Center, KIPRC mentors and guides communities in building their capabilities toward qualifying for Safe Community designation. The Kentucky Safety and Prevention Alignment Network membership supports Safe Communities as a strategy for increasing capacity for injury prevention and affecting policy throughout the Commonwealth.

In partnership the KY Injury Prevention and Research Center, National Safety Council and members of KSPAN believe that many communities, many with high injury rates, would benefit from this approach, and can actively be recruited to adopt the community coalition approach of Safe Communities.